Place of realisation

PUERTOLLANO. Salesian Youth Centre Puerto-Bosco

Description of process/realiazation
Social-Educative Compensation to increase the capacities of the recipients in order to facilitate their social integration and achieve school success.


To intervene in the difficulties of the children, support and encourage them to see the school like something enriching.

Respond to information needs, and guidance of families.

Maintain a direct relationship with families, educational centres and social services.

Help young people with a leisure time and educational free time.

Prevent, inform and give alternatives to behaviour that may cause a health risk.

Receiver of project
Children from school centres, aged between 6 and 12 years who show signs of school failure and social exclusion.

Budget of project
€ 3,000

Duration of realization
School Course

Conclusions / strong parts of project

FAMILY AREA: Tutorial action. Training. Playful activities.

SCHOOL AREA: School reinforcement. Social skills. Playful activities. Networking with the Educational Centres.

SOCIAL AREA: Development of social skills. Conflict resolutions. Personal accompaniment. Relationship with peers.

HEALTH AREA: Advice, awareness and prevention of drug addictions. Alternative leisure activities. Encouragement of the critical sense.


Name of resonsabile/contact person