Phnom Penh, Cambodia — From 27th August to 2nd September it is taking place the Animation Visit of two members of the Presidency of World Confederation of Past Pupils of Don Bosco, Alberto Alves Piedade, GEX Asian Councillor and Angel Gudiña Canicoba, Vicepresident GEX, who will visit the three countries: Thailand, Cambodia and Laos.

On 27th August, both Councillors arrived to Thailand and Mr. Gudiña headed towards Phnom Penh, to meet the Cambodian Presidency during an intense afternoon session. After an introduction of all the participants, Mr. Sovannarith Cheam, Cambodian Past Pupils’ President, explained the current situation of the movement in the country and the latest activities: the celebration of Fr. John Visser’s birthday (previously shared in BoscoLink), the donation of tons of rice to Salesian Schools in the whole country, the upskilling formation or the job placement services.

From his side Vicepresident GEX, started presenting the Strategic Plan of the World Confederation, insisting on the need of planning clear objectives and as a way to inspire the Federation to plan their near future. Afterwards the World Staute, approved in 2015 was presented to the Cambodian Past Pupils, and accepted the challenge of adapting some concepts that might fit in their reality.

The second part of the training session was dedicated to more concrete materials that the World Confederation has prepared to support National Federations and Local Unions: Guidelines to establish new local unions, how to motivate young past pupils in East Asia Oceania, how to establish a Business Platform (Union of Past Pupils Entrepreneurs) to support the Salesian Mission.

The conclusion after two very intense sessions is that Cambodian Past Pupils’ Association is in the right direction, working hard, and the materials received will be very useful to continue increasing the engagement of Past Pupils and the growth and impact of the Association.

On Monday 28th, following the invitation of Fr. Roel Soto, Mr. Gudiña, gave the good morning talk to the pupils, insisting on the treasure that is Salesian education, the gratitude he felt because of receiving it and the duty of passing it to the next generations. A duty that any Past Pupil, as their teachers or himself pay back in their professional lives, supporting the Salesians in the education of young people.

Later on, he had the chance to addre ss the last course students on longer session, in which he explained in detail what means being a young past pupil, and challenged them to come back next year as Past Pupils and start organizing activities for other youth like them and engaging to help other youth in need.

By Mr. Angel Gudiña
Don Bosco Past Pupils World Confederation – Vice President, GEX