The association counted 50 members in 2017. We opened a chat group where we invited others and by 2018, the number rose.  Today, there are 236 past students, teachers, and priests within the group.

The most important goal of the past pupils of Don Bosco of Haiti is to create opportunities for children of lesser means to have access to basic education at a prorated cost.  The second goal of the association is to create in IMPACT in our community by helping past pupils and youths of our country by continuing the mission of Don Bosco. Work to help Past Pupils of Don Bosco become “Salt of the earth and light of the world” Put our knowledge and competences, as lay professionals, at the service of our members, the Salesian Family and Society, by fulfilling the motto: “Honest Citizens and Good Christians”.

Our first meeting of former pupils of Don Bosco was in Florida in May 2018.  That was a reconnect meeting where most of us that have not seen each other for many years.  We exchanged ideas and created plans for the future of the association. Among our first accomplishment, we have sponsored the participation of the students of College Dominique Savio Haiti in the Diamond Challenge of the University of Delaware in April 2019.  We are all dedicated and involved but we needed more insight.  We needed to streamline our plans.

After a year of planning, the second ACODOSAH reunion occurred in Boston, MA from May 24 to May 26, 2019.  The theme: Celebrate the past, shape the future.

On our first day, we were welcomed by Professor Yves Devaris and his spouse at his residence.  Some students that had missed the reunion last year were present making the meet and greet even more exciting. R.P Bonny Francois in charge of Salesian School came from Haiti to participate in the weekend of past pupils, say the welcoming prayer. The evening continued with our singers Iselande D., Romane P. Joseph, Jean Michel C. and our guitar player with the first song dedicated to Don Bosco.  Through laughter and joy, we reminisced.  We ate the delicious hors d’oeuvre prepared by our hostess.  The night ended much later than we had expected.  Although quite late in the night, the committee met for a few hours to concretize plans for the upcoming gala.

May 25th, Saturday morning, Jude Elie met with the former pupils committee to finalize the plan for the gala. At 1900, the gala started.  Our guests of honor were R. P Hector Pascal responsible of former pupils of Haiti, with the presence of R.P Bonny Francois.  The master of ceremony Ms. Romane opened the ceremony with a prayer led by Father Bonny.  Follows with the speech of R.P Hector Pascal about the contribution of the Salesians missions in the Haitian community.

Elder Germain past pupil, presented the values of the association.  Sang.  Recited a poem. The attendees sang the Don Bosco and Dominique Savio songs.  Played several musical tunes.

Gratitude plaques were given by Patrick Dorce to: R.P Hector Pascal, R.P Jean Sylvain Jeannot, and the profesors: Mme Carole A. Devaris, Michele Comeau, Marie Catherine Auguste, Pierre Arnel Napoleon, Johnson Dolce and former pupil Gérald Thermil for his support to the salesian students in Haiti.

R.P Bonny present to the assistance the needs of the school and pupils in Haiti and requested the support of the past pupils. Then a scrumptious buffet style dinner was served. The Gala ended at 2300.  The devoted committee chose to have a meeting after the gala to brainstorm any issue that had or could have arisen.

On Sunday morning May 26th, the committee and former pupils met at Professor Devaris House, there was a definite need for the guidance of the elders.  We had requested the presence of R.P Hector graciously, joined us to clarify a number of issues, concerns and questions about our missions, goal, the chart of the past pupils, the various project that we have for our community and our participation to the Jubilee of 2020.

At the end of this three day meeting, we believe we have identified several past errors, we have designed plans for growth. We are confident that our next meeting will be more fruitful and we expected to have more past pupils in the association.  The date for the next meeting is not yet determined but the location is in New York and we hope the presence of other past pupils from the world association of Don Bosco will attend to help us create in IMPACT in our community. The theme will be “WHAT HAVE I DONE?”.  Each member of the committee is expected to bring about an accomplishment that he/she will proudly present at the meet and greet day.  The expectation is that each member of the committee, each members of the association must be a role model for others in the community by living through the rules of the association and Don Bosco.

Jude Elie

President of Past Pupils of Don Bosco Haiti