Place of realisation

Kanyosha Zone, Muha Commune, BUJUMBURA-BURUNDI

Description of process/realization

The project focuses on the identification of fatherless social orphans and biological orphans.
The biological father orphans are found by identifying their mothers who wear them but refused by their fathers. They come from unwanted pregnancies. In many cases, mothers are mother-girls who fornicate with boys or men without means and income.
Like the former, biological orphans are children who come from unwanted pregnancies, or children who have lost parents because of a particular problem (HIV AIDS or other chronic diseases, war, …).
Initially, it is a question of identifying the carrying mothers on the back of babies and children from 0 to 3 years old. We must also ensure that these children do not live with their fathers. We then create income-generating activities that are important to their mothers and these children as well.
In a year, we would like to have built the first class so that these children can start kindergarten. Past pupils of Don Bosco of Burundi, we would like to help in the education of poor young people from an early age. We have found that it is difficult to educate slightly older children than the age indicated above. That’s how we want to start a school of Past Pupils of Don Bosco in Burundi. This school will be extended gradually with the time. We want to start with 50 orphans, 30 of whom will start nursery school in September 2019.
Reciever of project: Orphans (biological and social)

Budget of project: 28 557 €

Duration of realization: The project is indefinite, but, it requires an amount of 28,557 euros to start

Conclusions / strong parts of project:

1) Orphans identification;
2) Mothers training;
3) Nutrition;
4) Income generating activities;
5) Supervision;
6) Monitoring-Evaluation.

Name of resonsabile/contact person: Balthazar MANIRATUNGA
Contact: :; Whatsapp : +257 61 394 438