Place of realisation
Salesian high schools of Slovakia

Description of process/realiazation
Past Pupils of high school of salesians are invited to come back and share their experiences and professionality with current students. They are sharing their personal and spiritual life after being students of high school. They are presenting their successes and challenges and they are opened for debate. Main idea of this project is to share and give back from past students to current students. It is also usefull tool how to adress new/potential members of association.

Receiver of project
Current students of salesian schools

Budget of project

Duration of realization
Permanent with monthly periodicity

Conclusions / strong parts of project
The project provides great opportunity to thank for received education for former students of salesian school, and at the other side it connects them with current students – often next generation. It motivate students to focus on studying and formation during their schooldays and also after. It is valuable time of creating of community and salesian family.

Name of resonsabile/contact person
Michal Nemček