Successful though humble. That is the image of our fastest Slovak, vice of Europe in athletics for 60 m running and also past pupil from Salesian center in Trnávka, Bratislava – Ján Volko. 20 year ol guy from Bratislava – Ružinov has reached the silver medal at hall European Championship in 6th of March 2017 in Belgrade, Serbia. His final time 6,58 hundredth of second has overcome the Slovakian running record. He fall behind only the British Richard Kiltym, the winner of the race with the time 6,54 hundredth of second.

At first, Ján Volko attended the football team in the club SDM Domino and afterwards changed the field of his interest into athletics. He grew up in the surroundings of Salesian center in Trnávka so he is very active as an animator there till today. In an interview after the race he proclaimed: „ I set up the goal to myself, that doing athletics would be to the glory of God. Perhaps somebody would not understand it or would even laugh at it, but this is the biggest motivation for me.“