(ANS – Lviv) – The 25th anniversary of the first catholic grammar school in Ukraine was celebrated on 27-29 January. This event is of special importance for the Salesian Family, because for the past 11 years the school has been run by Salesians.

A conference on the history of the school and the educational system in Ukraine took place on Friday 27 January.  The participants in the conference included many professionals from the board of education, teachers, priests and authorities from abroad, who shared their experience of running catholic schools. The event was also attended by the Patriarch of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, Mgr. Sviatoslav Shevchuk, the Nuncio for Ukraine, Mgr. Claudio Gugerotti, the president of the European Committee for Catholic Education, Dr. Christine Mann, the World President of Salesian Past Pupils, Michal Hort, and many others.

During the evening, there was also a first informal meeting of the president Mr Hort with Past Pupils of the school including coordinators for every class.  The director of the school, Fr Oleh Ladnyuk SDB and the provincial Fr Karol Maník SDB, were also present. This was a sort of unofficial launch of the Salesian Past Pupils in Ukraine.

On Saturday, the programme continued.  The day started with Mass. In the afternoon, all the people moved to the theatre where more than 500 people came to see the musical prepared by Past Pupils. “Trade with souls” is the title of the production and the story is about the modern Don Bosco in society.

There is a lot of work waiting for the Salesian Family in Ukraine. It is a huge challenge and responsibility and it needs support and prayers.