The past pupils of Dominique Savio Haiti, members of ACODOSAH, had their 5th annual gala in Maryland, USA on May 28th, 2022.  As usual, the gala was a success.  The ceremony began with the Don Bosco hymn.  Jude Elie, President of ACODOSAH presented the opening speech remotely. He elaborated on the past success of the organization and the future plans of action through his “Vision 2030”. A fundraiser carried out during the gala brought in funds that will help our goal to continue to help the needy students of Don Bosco in Haiti.  

The past pupils performed different artistic skills such as singing and chore graphical dances.  Awards were offered to Jean Gusmann Saint Fleur, a member of the committee for his outstanding effort and commitment during the earthquake in “Les Cayes” south of Haiti, August 2021, Tesha Petit, IT volunteer for the Gala, and to our sponsors for their participation and their financial support.  

The world Confederation President of Past Pupils of Don Bosco, Bryan Magro had prepared a speech that was relayed to the audience via a pre-taped video.  In his speech, he shared important ideas on best practices to put forth to help the younger generation.  

All in all, we continue to move forward with the Don Bosco’s motto to continue to be good Christians and honest citizens.  

ACODOSAH Committee