Place of realisation

Past Pupils and Friends of Don Bosco Association, Salesian Oratory, Sliema, Malta

Description of process/realiazation

‘WE ARE FAMILY’. We are the Salesian Family and we all need to feel that we are all included within the Salesian Family.
The Salesian Oratory in Sliema, Malta is very active and the Association of Past pupils and Friends of Don Bosco is full of positive energy and looking in the same direction as ‘the one in which the Universal Church is strongly involved today under the leadership of Pope Francis’.
The committee, under the spiritual direction of Fr. Francis Zammit SDB, is reflecting on its mission and vision. Principally, this is a two-way tier, namely INWARD SEARCH and OUTREACH.
Inward search – We are reflecting and organising activities that focus on soul searching and ongoing development in Salesian Spirituality for active members. We fully collaborate with ADMA to reach our past pupils and friends to attend the Mass in honour of Maria Ausiliatrice every 24th of each month. Fr. Francis is focusing on the Salesian spirituality during the homily. We organise other spiritual and social activities such as spiritual exercises, Via Crucis and reunions.

Outreach – Our aim is to reach those members who are not so active such as those who are in elderly homes, hospitals, and/or confined to their residential homes etc. We visit these past members and friends of Don Bosco who are unable to attend our activities. We try to be a link and make them aware that they are an essential part of the Salesian Family. During our visit, we share what is happening at the Oratory, show them photos, give them a small memento and reciprocate greetings from their friends at the Salesian family. All past pupils and friends that we visit highly appreciate the fact that they still belong to the Salesian Family especially when we show each person how warmly each is thought of. We try to do this with tender, loving care always keeping in mind what Pope Francis teaches, namely that: ‘Each one of us is precious, each one of us is irreplaceable in God’s eyes’.

Receiver of project

All Past Pupils and Friends of Don Bosco who attend or once attended the Salesian Oratory at Sliema, Malta

Budget of project

All work is done on a Voluntary basis through the Past Pupils and Friends of Don Bosco Association, Salesian Oratory, Sliema

Duration of realization

Conclusions / strong parts of project

Inward search of active members through ongoing development of the Salesian Spirituality.
Outreach for those members and friends who are not so active or cannot be so active. Visit these members at their residential homes, hospitals and elderly homes. ‘Each one of us is precious,each one of us is irreplaceable in God’s eyes.

Name of resonsabile/contact person
Carmel Busuttil, President, Past Pupils and Friends of Don Bosco Association, Salesian Oratory, Sliema Malta